Above, is a compilation video of 5 visual poems made by project participants. 

Get Involved

You will gain access to a series of online or live workshops that will vary in theme and content, but will all be focussed on activating creativity for wellbeing . Participants can choose their own path through the material. The aim of these workshops will be to provoke insight into the creative process and its role in improving wellbeing. Creativity in its many forms will be explored from gentle movement and visualisation practices to journaling, drawing, mandala making, sound making and photography or video making using a mobile phone. 

More information about these workshops here. Since wellbeing outcomes will be researched at the beginning and end of the project, you need to be referred or meet the artist through your school or group so that these forms are filled in. Once these steps are in place you will get access to the course material.

After you've enjoyed some workshops, you'll be encouraged to share your work. Your contribution to the project could take the form of photographs, written words, music, song, a time-lapse video of your favourite place in nature. It could be video of you doing a hobby or process that you enjoy (e.g. knitting, guitar), or that you learned through the workshops (e.g. drawing, mandala making). 

Most phones have cameras and mics. These can be used to record your work. Working collaboratively with the lead artist, your contributions can potentially be shaped into a VISUAL POEM; an evocative mix of sound and visual elements that express a sense of your unique outlook, what you feel, or where you are in the world. If your contribution is sound, you will be supported to get visuals, if you submit images, you will be supported to find sounds etc.

A number of participant's visual poems and/or a collaborative group project will be showcased as part of First Fortnight 2022. Read more below about how collaborative work might take shape.

Once you've taken part in some of the 'Creative Activation Workshops', you may choose to meet online or in person with other participants. As a group, we can collaboratively decide on work we can develop together. 

We can collectively decide on  'Work-in- Movement' rules or prompts, for example :

  • Engage in a number of 'Creative Activation Workshops.'
  • Pick a Colmcille story, myth or fact that interest and inspires you. Respond to it though drawing, writing etc.
  • Create audio or visual content using your phone (voice recordings, photos etc.)
  • Design your own approach to making a 'Visual Poem'.
  • Imagine how your contribution could build towards a collaborative documentary-style video reflecting on the wellbeing benefits of artistic engagement, and the continuing artistic inspiration provided by the story of Colmcille.

  • This 1 minute film gives an idea of what a visual poem could look like. This has music, a narrative and video shot on a mobile phone. Another approach could use a series of still images, text could be used etc. 

    CLICK HERE for more Visual Poem ideas.

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      Social Prescribers link you to sources of support within the community to help you maintain wellbeing, e.g. Physical Activity, Arts & Creativity, Learning new skills, Self help, Books for Health, Green Prescription, Support Groups. Visit the DONEGAL SOCIAL PRESCRIBING NETWORK page on FB. You can ring your local Donegal Social Prescriber on these numbers. Ardara/Glenties/Killybegs: Caroline (087) 3652577, Bunbeg/Derrybeg/Gweedore: Andrea (087) 1511855, Buncrana/East Donegal: Carmel (086) 0406950. Derryveagh/Dunfanaghy/Falcarragh: Bernie (086) 0766670. Donegal town/ Pettigo: Miffy (087) 3814639. Rosses/Dungloe: Linda (087) 1511855. Letterkenny: Simon (083) 1335700. Lifford/Castlefin: Mary (089) 4589663. Milford/Rossguill/Fanad: Lesley (089) 2157232. Moville: Ann (089) 4318831

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