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If you are a Social Prescriber, Occupational Therapist, Counsellor or organise a Community Wellbeing Group, you may know people in mental health recovery that this project would benefit. As a referrer, you are vital to the process, since you ensure the suitability of the project to the particular participant you refer. Your help is also required to ensure that research material is filled in by the participants and returned to the artist.

Wellbeing Umbrellas
Wellbeing Umbrellas
  • It is necessary to email Maria on introducing your client/s each time you make a referral, even if names cannot be shared. 
  • Please direct your client/s to the subscription form below. (You can also copy and paste this direct link into an email/message ) 
  • Once the referral is coordinated, you will then be supplied with the 'Wellbeing Umbrella' feedback forms pictured here. These forms, (developed by University College London) will be used to assess wellbeing outcomes throughout the project and will need to be issued and filled-in twice; at the start, and at the end of the process. 

Ideally, these Wellbeing Umbrellas will be presented to your client, filled in, and returned to you on the same day. Other suitable methods of delivery could include postage, followed by phone call, with the filled forms returned by post or photographed and sent digitally). Once the first Wellbeing Umbrella has been filled in, participants will receive regular emails giving them access to the Creativity Activation Workshop videos, and to any group Zoom meetings that might be organised. (Zoom calls with referrers can be organised for project 'house-keeping'.)

 Please visit the workshop page, or the visual poem page to get a sense of the project content. Email comhcheol[at] if you wish to preview the workshop material prior to referral. Live workshops where participants have a chance to meet, could potentially be organised at the end of the summer/early autumn, if restrictions allow and if the necessary funding is acquired.

Take Part! Bígí Linn!

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