Creativity Activation Workshops

A selection of video workshops will be made available to participants, aimed at sparking creative curiosity. The taster videos below indicate what these workshops will look take. If you are participating, you will need to contact your referrer (School / Social Prescriber / Occupational Therapist / Counsellor etc.) who will give you some forms to fill in and then share the workshop links with you. Once you have taken part in the workshops you will be asked to share the results of your work.

Here is a trailer for the 'Yoga Drawing Jam.' This video workshop, is aimed at beginners and investigates yoga and drawing as a means to step out of your comfort zone and develop 'neuroplasticity' or new ways of thinking and doing. 

Here is a trailer for the 'Mandala Mindfulness.' The video workshop is aimed at beginners and investigates mindfulness and mandala drawing as a means towards artistic expression and self-development. Mandalas are circle-based drawings that can use geometric elements, colour and repetition to build a coherent, balanced image. (Tá leagan Gaeilge den cheardlann seo ar fáil fosta.)

This online course looks at how habits shape our lives. Habits of action and habits of thought. It considers how education trains a very particular mode of thinking that is at odds with creative thought. It introduces the idea of the elephant, the rider and the path, to understand how the unconscious, the conscious mind and one's environment collaborate to form habits. It will also look at the practice of journaling and how it can be used to help you hack habits. Expect a little movement and meditation too! 

This live workshop will focus on listening, sound, and inner and outer awareness. It will involve a little singing or humming, sound healing instruments (gong, Tibetan singing bowls etc.), meditation, body percussion and some neuroscience, (specifically bringing awareness to various nervous system states.) It will also be a bit of fun!

The majority of workshops will be made available online but a selection of workshops (e.g. Deep Listening) will happen once a group of interested participants are formed and restrictions allow outdoor gatherings.

Take Part! Bígí Linn!

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